Theater Center Program


The Theater Center Program Unit ensures that the theater center remains an open art space, and a buzzing creative cultural hub. Aside from hosting PETA's regular theater season, the unit is also in charge of collaborating with local and international organizations providing a venue for their events and activities.

Special Events

The Theater Center produces various events and activities that enliven the theater space. It hosts festivals, performances, lectures, conferences by local and international art practitioners. Many foreign embassies and cultural institutions in Manila like the Japan Foundation, Alliance Francaise and the British Council have made the Theater Center a venue for cultural exchanges and performances.

Line Production

A diverse array of clients have sought PETA’s expertise in producing creatively customized theater experiences. The PETA Theater Center Program unit handles various events such as book launches, concerts, flash mobs, interactive role playing games and many more, bringing performances beyond just the four walls of theater. The Line Production division develops a one-of-a-kind, out-of-the-box presentation, starting from project research, conceptualization, scriptwriting, staging, documentation up to post-production.

Venue Rental

The Theater Center offers its creative spaces for artistic performances of guest users from the ever-evolving pool of talents in our dynamic contemporary art scene.