Let's Make a Play

PETA offers highly personalized programs for corporations, art practitioners, development workers, educators to meet a wide array of goals and initiatives. Whether it’s a school looking for a more exciting theater program or a corporation looking for an improvisation training to improve your employees’ communication skills or simply a groupof people looking for a unique theater experience, PETA can design a dynamic program for you.

In-School Residencies and Theater Club Mentoring

  • Strengthen your existing theater program or we can work together to design and create a brand new one
  • Single workshop, multi-week or year-long options available
  • We specialize in integrating drama into your existing classroom curriculum to enhance student learning in various subject areas by providing creative tools to your teachers
  • We offer various stand-alone classes that build theater skills such as creative drama, creative musical theater, creative movement, to mention a few

Corporate workshops

Several acting exercises which are used for opening up one’s personality, building confidence, enacting roles etc are in great demand by management schools and corporations since these skills are essential in the workplace.

Extension workshops

PETA also conducts specially designed workshops for social and educational organizations across the country, and abroad, that wish to spread the craft of acting to their constituents. Such workshops have been conducted by PETA all over the Philippines and in South East Asia.

In order to provide the optimum service for your workshop, please book at least a month in advance of your anticipated workshop date. Fees are based on the type, length, degree of customization and number of participants included. For more information contact the Marketing and Public Relations Unit through (725) 6244 local 14-15 or email us petatheater@gmail.com.