Let's Make a Play

PETA has a long history of collaborating with local and international artists and companies. But PETA is not limited to creating plays with established theater institutions. In fact, in recent years, PETA has offered its creative services to diverse array of clients who want to engage their audiences through creatively customized theater experiences.

PETA handles various events such as product launches, concerts, flash mobs, interactive role playing games and many more, bringing performances beyond just the four walls of the theater. With our team of professional and highly skilled producers, managers and artistic staff, our Line Production division will develop a one-of-a-kind, out-of the-box presentation, starting from project research, conceptualization, scriptwriting, staging, documentation up to post-production.

For more information contact the Theater Center Program Unit through (725) 6244 local 23 or email us petatheatercenter@gmail.com.