What does the community have to say about us

ICCO has been supporting PETA for many years because we think PETA is an effective instrument for the development of democratic culture in the Philippines. PETA, in a very creative way, stimulates a critical reflection on important issues of Philippine society.
Interchurch Organization For Development Cooperation (ICCO)
PETA has demonstrated that art performances are a powerful tool for people’s awareness raising and mobilization and for creating bridges across geo-political and cultural boundaries.
Rockefeller Foundation
PETA has distinguished itself as a pioneer in stimulating and advancing progressive, critical and creative arts, rooted in the realities and dreams of the Filipino people.
Terre des Hommes Germany in Southeast Asia (TDHG)
The Ford Foundation is proud of its support for the Philippine Educational Theater Association. PETA has been an innovative partner, particularly through its theater education and performances to promote public debate and policy advocacy on sexuality and reproductive rights.
The Ford Foundation
We are proud of the high quality of PETA’s work and the extraordinary commitment that fills the gap of a real demand: to contribute to the education of the poor through artistic and sensitive means. PETA does not only elaborate its own professional theater productions, but realizes an accompanying training program for teachers and community leaders as well.
German Catholic Bishops Organisation for Development Cooperation